Big data’s impact on finance

Advancements in the collection and management of big data analytics have paved innovative new paths for various workplaces — especially within the finance industry. Now, many finance professionals can access an array of information on client habits, potential threats, and other relevant considerations within their field. This insight doubles as both an efficient means of planning and a strategic engagement… Read more →


Debunking Common Big Data Myths

With all of the recent developments in data storage and production, we now have access to an overwhelming variety of information abundant at an incredible speed, which is all only increasing by the second. Every moment, hundreds upon thousands of pages of information are created, adding novel information to a database already bursting at the seams. Big Data analytics, however,… Read more →


How to hone your big data skills as a leader

As a business leader, it is important to keep yourself rooted in what is current; this may refer to prevailing business models, consumer engagement trends, or breakthroughs in technology. With regards to the latter, the majority of today’s leaders are all but required to possess considerable knowledge of relevant technological movements — perhaps the biggest one being a growing emphasis… Read more →


Data analytics continue to change the business world

Organizations in today’s business world have become captivated by data that flows into the system. The need to analyze it and to benefit from the results drives any establishment that wants to be successful. Big Data is changing the business environment in a big way. It holds the key to building improved customer relations, gaining higher profits, improving work efficiency… Read more →


Five Go-To Big Data Texts

There are a variety of helpful and insightful texts focused on the past, present, and future of big data analytics. Here are several essential data texts.   “Hadoop for Dummies” by Dirk Deroos   Perhaps one of the most accessible big data books on the market, “Big Data for Dummies” is both easy-to-read and thorough in its exploration of data… Read more →


Three ways AI may replace humans in the near future

With artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) growing increasingly prevalent in a variety of industries worldwide, some have become worried that it will lead to a decline in human-occupied jobs. Considering how close this technology has come to achieving full sentient functionality, these fears are understandable. Implementation, however, has been gradual — though undeniably progressive — in many cases,… Read more →


Is 2018 the year of the data position?

The utilization and implementation of big data analytics continues to be a bona fide force in the technology community, with 2018 industry projections currently standing at around $40 billion. With this notion in mind, and with an increasing amount of workplaces leaning further into a data-grounded infrastructure, many companies must now revisit their hiring initiatives to account for emerging new… Read more →


Data selling: a quick look inside this growing web trend

Ever wonder how Facebook tailors ads to reflect your likes, purchases, and overall web habits? Initially, this phenomenon could be solely credited to the work of third party advertising networks and data aggregators. However, in more recent years, Facebook, Apple, and other major names in the tech and social media sectors have made more expansive personal data available for a… Read more →


These two “Black Mirror” episodes explore machine learning’s potential

  Machine learning has taken the technology world by storm in recent decades. Now, artificial intelligence (AI)-based programs and entities make up a considerable portion of the industry, from user convenience programs (Siri, Alexa) to robotics.   This fascinating concept, among others similar to it, is just one of many real-life trends explored, dissected, and occasionally satirized by Charlie Brooker’s… Read more →