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A history of big data analytics

  According to The World Economic Forum, long before computers (as we know them today) were commonplace, the idea that we were creating an ever-expanding body of knowledge ripe for analysis was popular in academia. Although it might be easy to forget, our increasing ability to store and analyze information has been a gradual evolution, although things certainly sped up… Read more →


Big data predictions for 2018

  It may seem premature to already start discussing next year’s big data scene, but the fact of the matter is that big data’s future implications transcend any kind of limiting time intervals — its growth and continued rise in prominence have become constant focal points within the modern technological landscape. With just under four months left in 2017, here… Read more →


Tips for implementing AI in your workplace

The business-related implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) seems to make perfect sense in so many ways. By switching to an autonomous approach, companies are now able to streamline work process by putting specific tasks into the hands of AI programs, reducing stress and the overall workload of their human employees so that they may better focus their abilities on other… Read more →


Robot rights and human privacy: the future of AI ethics

As technology continues to evolve at an almost dizzying pace, one has to wonder the ethical implications of certain advancements. For instance, recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI) have spurred discussion concerning how these intelligent machine systems will impact the lives of humans around the globe — and, lately, some experts have shown concern about how humans could negatively impact… Read more →

Vish Nandlall, Big Data Companies to Watch in 2017

Big Data companies to watch in 2017

  The market encapsulating big data analytics solutions continues to grow at a rapid rate. This notion is far from surprising, as many firms “are now producing solutions that enable organizations to store and analyze their data in ways never before dreamt of, and venture capital is recognizing the opportunities present in the space.” However, some commentators also argue that… Read more →

Vish Nandlall, Big Data in Cloud

Exploring big data in the cloud

Interest in big data has grown exponentially in recent years, leading to an influx of businesses hoping to use it to their advantage. One way these companies are approaching this process is by way of data analytics via cloud-based software. In most cases, the cloud is used as an environment for companies to manage data and ultimately strengthen their infrastructure,… Read more →

Why You're Misinterpreting Your Data

Why You’re Misinterpreting Your Data

When you’re working with big data, it’s easy to fall into the comforting trap of believing that you’re interpreting something concrete, pure fact that spits out shows specific results. Your data may be absolute, but your reading of it is anything but. Unfortunately, even experts often misinterpret cold, hard numbers when it reaches the scale of big data. Misinterpreting big data can lead to serious issues no matter what industry you work in. If you want to avoid any of those issues, it’s important to understand some of the most common pitfalls. Read more →

Big Data in government

Big Data: The Next Public Servant?

No matter where your political allegiances lie, we can all agree that big data has become an integral part of our government. As we start learning better ways to analyze and use big data, we will start to see it used on a broader spectrum across all types and sizes of government. The Obama administration was the first to have a Chief Data Scientist on staff, and Obama has even been labeled “The Big Data” President. Big data usage has been a controversial subject in the government after Edward Snowden leaked information about warrantless wiretapping, but in the age of information, citizens stand to gain considerably from responsible big data usage. Read more →