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These two “Black Mirror” episodes explore machine learning’s potential

  Machine learning has taken the technology world by storm in recent decades. Now, artificial intelligence (AI)-based programs and entities make up a considerable portion of the industry, from user convenience programs (Siri, Alexa) to robotics.   This fascinating concept, among others similar to it, is just one of many real-life trends explored, dissected, and occasionally satirized by Charlie Brooker’s… Read more →


The best big data apps

    As big data analytics continue to carve a niche into nearly every major facet of society, from a technological standpoint, the need for their accessibility has only increased. Many professional across many industries now rely on a constant stream of data pertaining to their respective fields, and mobile app technology — an equally progressive concept in the technological… Read more →


Tips for implementing AI in your workplace

The business-related implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) seems to make perfect sense in so many ways. By switching to an autonomous approach, companies are now able to streamline work process by putting specific tasks into the hands of AI programs, reducing stress and the overall workload of their human employees so that they may better focus their abilities on other… Read more →


Robot rights and human privacy: the future of AI ethics

As technology continues to evolve at an almost dizzying pace, one has to wonder the ethical implications of certain advancements. For instance, recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI) have spurred discussion concerning how these intelligent machine systems will impact the lives of humans around the globe — and, lately, some experts have shown concern about how humans could negatively impact… Read more →

Could Connected Devices Predict Your Health Problems Before They Happen-

Could Connected Devices Predict Your Health Problems Before They Happen?

When my son, Oscar, was born with a congenital infection, connected medical apps offered a much-needed lifeline for peace of mind in my family. As you can imagine, when it comes to mhealth I’m a true believer. Self-monitoring apps are becoming more advanced and even more widely used, but the obvious next step is to move from observation to actual treatment and, better yet, prevention. After all, we as a society have an incredible amount of medical knowledge and skill, but at the moment it only works for people who actually go to the doctor. And not everyone is willing, has access, or is even aware that they need treatment. Read more →

Vish Nandlall: Bring Your Own Doctor

BYOD: Bring Your Own Doctor

On 8 February 2010, my son, Oscar, was born. In the months leading up to the delivery, he had been diagnosed with a Toxoplasma infection. Up to a third of the population is estimated to carry this disease, and most are asymptomatic. Congenital infection, however, is very serious. I was devastated. I stared at my lone digital thermometer nestled in a drawer full of band-aids and thought “maybe healthcare should be connected to people rather than places”. Read more →