Five Go-To Big Data Texts


There are a variety of helpful and insightful texts focused on the past, present, and future of big data analytics. Here are several essential data texts.


“Hadoop for Dummies” by Dirk Deroos


Perhaps one of the most accessible big data books on the market, “Big Data for Dummies” is both easy-to-read and thorough in its exploration of data basics. Specifically, the text gives readers a quick introduction to Hadoop, an “open-source, Java-based programming framework” supporting large data sets in computing environments.


“Big Data: A Revolution that will Transform How we Live, Work, and Think” by Kenneth Cukier and Viktor Mayer Schonberger


If its title alone is not engrossing enough, the actual subject matter of Cukier and Schonberger’s text will pull you in. The book explores the value of big data in all major industries worldwide, helping to keep readers ahead of key trends and new emerging concepts on the foreseeable horizon.


“Data Analytics Made Accessible” by Anil Maheshwari


Another great resource for big data newbies, “Data Analytics Made Accessible” is fairly self-explanatory in its title; the text strives to strip down and simplify data science from a business standpoint, touching on marketing, branding, social media activity, and other relevant facets of this emerging community.


“The Human Face of Big Data” by Rock Smolan and Jennifer Erwitt.


Behind every dataset is some level of human benefit, and this basic notion serves as the thesis to Smolan and Erwitt’s text. The book ventures through the humanized side of big data, employing essays and infographics how it is used to aid in healthier lifestyles and transform adverse qualities of life


“Performance Marketing with Google Analytics” by Sebastian Tonkin, Caleb Whitmore, and Justin Cutroni


This text focuses on the ways in which business marketers can boost marketing impact, strengthen brand health, and ultimately facilitate better corporate functionality by way of data analytics. Tonkin, Whitmore, and Cutroni focus primarily on how Google analytics can be harnessed to achieve this vision, emphasizing variables like Adwords and AdSense.