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AI/ML skills are becoming a major focal point in hedge fund hiring

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have collectively made a significant impact on hedge funds — and on the modern investing industry at large. Cognitive technologies have strengthened a variety of industry processes, changing how we approach popular business models and strategize to achieve success.   Subsequently, AI/ML’s growing corporate presence has created a new battleground for companies across… Read more →


Is 2018 the year of the data position?

The utilization and implementation of big data analytics continues to be a bona fide force in the technology community, with 2018 industry projections currently standing at around $40 billion. With this notion in mind, and with an increasing amount of workplaces leaning further into a data-grounded infrastructure, many companies must now revisit their hiring initiatives to account for emerging new… Read more →


Big data’s impact on HR

Advancements in the collection and management of big data analytics have paved innovative new paths for the workplace — especially within human resources departments. Now, most HR workers have a vast array of information on employees and potential hires, and this access doubles as both an efficient means of planning and a strategic engagement mechanism. Here are a few ways… Read more →