The best big data apps




As big data analytics continue to carve a niche into nearly every major facet of society, from a technological standpoint, the need for their accessibility has only increased. Many professional across many industries now rely on a constant stream of data pertaining to their respective fields, and mobile app technology — an equally progressive concept in the technological landscape — has helped to streamline this process in a variety of ways.


Here are a few of the best big data-based apps.


Cloudera Enterprise


Cloudera’s Enterprise app is a “data hub” of information focused on driving your enterprise to new data-based horizons. The app is said to be one of the “fastest, easiest, and most secure” data software platforms on the market, providing users several applications rooted in data science, engineering, and large scale analytics, just to name a few.


IBM Cognos


A standout tool in IBM’s long list of technological resources, the Cognos app brings a mobile element to its established data reporting and dashboard management offerings. Users are given free range to sync content from the Cognos server, their own email attachments, or other apps such as iTunes.


Zaloni Bedrock


Zaloni’s Bedrock data management platform promises a “comprehensive, integrated” solution in terms of data operations, from the data source to that data’s consumers. It touts a variety of data-based benefits, including, but not limited to a reduction in costs of ownership of infrastructure, data, and labor; the automation of repeatable management tasks; and centralized management of all enterprise data sources.




Qlik’s app preview page describes it as “a market leading, next generation application for self-service oriented analytics,” and the app delivers on all these fronts. Users are able to easily collaborate and combine data originating from a variety of sources, but the app’s main strength is its attention to user exploration — users are able to “explore freely without the limitations of query-based tools.”


SAP BusinessObjects


A mobile extension of the classic BusinessObjects software commonly found on computers, SAP’s BusinessObjects app provides users the ability to work with data on and offline. Users are also given an array of collaboration features grounded in concepts ranging from key metrics analytics to data trends.